Nomad Grill and Smokers Review: Are They Any Good?

Nomad Grill & Smokers Review: Are They Any Good?

Do you love to grill outdoors but don’t like carrying around heavy, large grills? Introducing the Nomad Grill. These grills are ideal for outdoor campers who love to travel, camp and hit the beaches.

These grills are high performance, easy to carry, and made from quality, durable materials.

In addition to this, they come with a variety of cooking accessories and are easy to use, making them the perfect all-in-one grilling solution.

Not only are Nomad grills portable, they’re also durable – made with a porcelain enameled bowl and stainless steel frame to withstand even the most extreme conditions.

In this article, we are going to discuss a complete Nomad Grill review, including how it works, features, and where you can get one for yourself!

Nomad Grill and Smoker – Basic Overview & Reputation

Cam Leggett and John Veatch, long business friends and colleagues, come up with the concept of Nomad.

They found that the demand for portable grills is very high and the grills on the market were very large and of low quality. They spend their time and developed what is now known as Nomad Grill.

The Nomad Grill is a perfect portable charcoal grill that is easy to take down and easy to set up, therefore you can grill whenever and wherever you want.

This grill has been made interestingly and uniquely; it is something that is both visually appealing and functional.

It is designed to be carried by a handle similar to a toolbox or briefcase. The grill opens up like a book providing 2 symmetrical “boxes.” The grill is assembled in 2 layers.

The outer layer features an anodized aluminum external case while the inner layer features a strong cast aluminum grill body. The exterior cases home the cook boxes and this is where the charcoal is placed and burns.

NOMAD is an all purpose performance. Whether you are planning for your next adventure that calls for baking, smoking, searing, or barbecuing from your backyard NOMAD has you covered.

Nomad Grill Size and Weight
Credit: Courtesy of Nomad grills

Nomad Grill Size and Weight

This is a premium Grill that delivers a superbly packaged handy cooking system. It only weighs 28lbs and comes complete with stainless steel grill and a case.

Although it may seem heavy, it is remarkably compact when you compare it with a full-size grill as well as features.

This portable grill has a cooking space of 212 square inches in a closed single grate mode and a full 425 square inches grilling surface if you add additional grate and more coal.

The Nomad has a durable dual-latch locking system and a reinforced handle, measuring 2’ by 2’ by 9.5 inches when closed. This grill features 2 magvent air controls on the sides that enable you to control flame and flame.

It also has silicon skids that protect the surface if you put it down on the floor.

It can handle two racks of ribs or thirty burgers at once, which is an impressive capacity considering that it is a portable cooker.

Specification and Build Quality

The nomad grill is constructed from lightweight, durable aircraft-grade alloys and features corrosion resistance aluminum unibody cook boxes and an aluminum exterior.

There are also gasket-free sealing lids and stainless steel magnetic grates to keep the rain out and heat in. It also ensures superior strength & rigidity and extra coal clearance.

With its patent-pending SurfaceSafe™ tech and Multi-layer construction, this assists to keep the outside shell temperatures low allowing you to set the ring on various unconventional surfaces

The vents have high-temp magnets to ensure ash containment, optimum damper control, and no-spill mess mitigation. This grill also has food-grade silicone on the handles, sides, and latches that can withstand high temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit while offering additional protection for chefs and surfaces!

Features of Nomad Grill & Smoker

Advanced Thermal Architecture

One of the biggest problems with most portable steel cookers in the market is that the surface you cook on must be tough enough for it to withstand the cooker heat.

Well, it seems that the Nomad Grill has solved that problem. This grill is made with a protective shell that keeps the outer temperature cooler than the inner temperature.

With that, you can use Nomad even on wooden tables without damaging or burning them. Bearing in mind how hot charcoal gets, it will heat the outer shell.

Another great feature is the seal. It is perfect such that it will keep the rain out and look the heat in. Getting rain into the grill or hot smoker will kill your cooking, but Nomad’s seal technology helps to prevent that.

In addition to that, sealing the grill and closing vents on the outside extinguishes the coals efficiently that there will be large usable coal left after you cool it off.

Magvent Air Controls

This grill has vent sliders that have high-temperature magnets that allow precise damper control while ensuring that there is no spill mess. It also ensures that there is ash containment.

It is the only portable smoker and Grill on the market with has this feature.

Simplistic Design

If need to move the grill around for tailgating parties or social events. This Nomad Grill and Smoker has a design that fits on the back of a truck, but can also be packed into an SUV.

They’re lightweight and easy to carry, which makes them perfect for pitmasters on the move. The walls of each grill are tall enough to trap in the heat but short enough that it’s easy to use them anywhere.

Even if you’re tailgating or camping, Nomad will make it possible for you to grill food efficiently.

Better temp Control

The Nomad Grill has been integrated with Tel-Tru thermometers to ensure that the cooking surface and the food that you are cooking are at the correct temperature.

Tel-Tru manufacturers produce some of the best thermometers on the market today. Intergrading this TelTru thermometer on the Nomad Grill is very important for temperature control.

This level of accuracy gives you more room to experiment with different cuts of meat, fish, etc., without ever worrying about destroying dinner.

Credit: Courtesy of Nomad grills

How Do Nomad grill and Smoker Compare to Other Portable Grills

Nomad grill reviews typically have much better ratings than other comparable portable grills. While there are exceptions to every rule, these devices seem to be exceptional in many ways.

In terms of power, design, quality, craftsmanship, portability, and additional features; Nomad Grills and Smokers stands out from the competition.

It features an anodized finish which assists to cut down on corrosion and rust. It is incredible and can serve you for many years to come.

The baby blue accents are constructed from food-grade silicone that usually stands even extreme heat, which assists in grip handle and locking pads, protecting the exterior shell and offering great traction so that the grill does not slide when you are using it.

You will also be impressed by the temperature gauge which is very easy to read and it is very accurate.

While other options have exteriors that are hot when grilling, the NOMAD Grill will stay significantly cooler on the outer part hence there will be no problem when you are cooing on wood picnic tables.

Can You Use regular Briquettes with Nomad Grill?

Yes, you can use regular briquettes with the Nomad. Some users have found that Nomad briquettes burn hotter than mesquite or lump charcoal, but you can still make the most of your grill by throwing in some wood chips or chunks to get the smoke going.

You can also use any other type of charcoal with the grill. All you need is a lighter or matches to ignite them (but do be careful while handling).

Ideally, NOMAD all-natural charcoal is derived from dense fruitwood meaning that they burn hotter and longer while they emit less ash and smoke.

In addition to that, there is no sparking or spitting as you will find on other types of fuel sources. They provide subtle nuances of mild flavor hence they will not color your meat too much.

They are made using organic binding agents with no fillers, accelerants, or chemical additives which makes clean cooking without coloring the meat.

How Nomad Does Performs as a Smoker?

Smoking meat is a much-beloved and long-held tradition in the United States. Smoking is an art and well-smoked meat and the taste of properly is a culture unto itself.

The Nomad achieves marvelously in this endeavor and it offers exceptional flavor and taste. The proximity of the grill to the coals is one of the best features as it enables the coal to give the true meat flavor.

It is very easy to use the side vents of the grill to control the simplicity. Moreover, the temperature can be easily be controlled and monitored.

Decreasing and increasing temperature to suit the best cooking style can be easily be done with side vents and this makes smoking in the Nomad a joy.

Besides that, Nomad is well constructed and works perfectly that you can consider swapping it as a permanent fixture. Its ease of smoke, consistent performance, and temperature control provide a full spectrum from heavier, deeper smoking flavor to a light smoky taste.

Is Nomad Grill Easy To Clean?

The designers of Nomad grills have carefully considered creating a superb product and cleaning is not different. It is very easy to clean out the ash since you will be using the grill itself.

First, this grill has a gasket-free seal design and will enable the ashes to be contained on the unit up to when you safely dump them or you get home.

Even when the case is inside the truck, there will be no ashes that will spill as it locks and seals everything inside. In case you are camping during the night, you can let the grill cool off and snuff the coals by shutting the vents.

When you can safely handle it, then open and remove all the solid charcoal pieces that have been left. You can utilize a handheld vacuum to suck all the ashes out or use a hand whisk to remove the ashes from the grills.

The box or grapes can then be wiped using a damp cloth and leave it for some time to dry completely. It does not get much easy to clean than that.

How Much Does Nomad Grill Cost?

Portable Nomad grill and smoker is a high-performance and comes for 599 US Dollars, many may balk at this and choose a less costly but less efficient one.

Nevertheless, suppose you assess the time that you spend outdoors without worrying about problems like ash disposal, burning surfaces, or risk burning your vehicle or other parts of you.

It is very easy to use and it comes with numerous features making it very efficient, durable, and easy to clean.

While it may be a bit expensive when compared to other grills in the market. Nomad is worth investing in. Therefore, if you are searching for a Nomad Grill online on Amazon.

let me tell you they just sell directly to customers from their website.

Final Words: Is Nomad Grill Worth It?

If you value durability, portability, and superb design, then probably the Nomad is the Grill for you.

Nomad Grill has enough space to suit all cooking requirements, easy to use for both smoking and grilling, is easy to clean, anodized for corrosion protection, and is highly portable.

If you are tired of ungainly grills on your trails, carrying bulky, tired of the cleaning up and the mess, or the struggle to look for a good surface to cook whenever you are outdoors, then Nomad is a perfect grill for you.

It is a single cooker that is very easy to take anywhere, save money on coals, cook anything and make money on referrals and it is well-made.

It provides a quantum shift and will pave the way for other moveable cooking efficiencies in some years to come. Nomad grill is a must-have grill for enthusiastic campers.

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