Making The Perfect Baked Potato On The Grill

Making The Perfect Baked Potato On The Grill

When you’re the proud owner of an awesome grill, you’re always itching to find new recipes and foods to try on that bad boy like the Perfect Baked Potato or Grilled Turkey.

If you could grill out every day, you would! Well, there are the usual foods that are associated with the classic grill out such as steaks, burgers, hot dogs, but have you ever thought about a vegetable?

That’s right, flop on over hardy meats there’s a veggie ready for the hot plate, we’re talking about the potato! In this article, you’ll receive a simple step-by-step on how to make the perfect baked potato on the grill.

After all while grilling out with friends, you want the party to get going with something that is simple to cook, is delicious and fills well between your best dishes.

Why Baked Potatoes Are Delicious From The Grill

Of course, it’s pretty well known that you can pop them in the microwave and call it a day, alas you’re left with one sad-looking and poorly-tasting hot potato.

When you love food, and especially if you love grilling, you know that life is better with great-tasting food; one of the requirements that come from consuming great food is taking the time to prepare it.

When you pop something in the microwave that could be grilled instead, you’re making a sacrifice of taste. Well say no more to that, you deserve fine dining right at home!

And when you do this instead, you get a premium taste of perfection you wouldn’t otherwise get delivered to your taste buds. You’ll taste the satisfying crisp of the skin and cut into a fluffy yummy starch paradise on the inside.

Nutritional Information

161 kcal
4 g
Dietary Fiber
4 g
37 g
1 g
17 mg
926 mg
26 mg
1.9 mg
Vitamin B6
0.5 mg
Vitamin C
16.6 mg
48 mg

What You’ll Need

Let’s start diving into this scrumptious journey, what are you going to need? Aside from your funny embordered apron if you so choose, you’ll also be needing the following:

1. Grill

Utilizing a grill for this recipe is key, any type you have will work it’s fairly simple! And once you have a baked spud this way, it’ll be hard to make it any other way; they’re so good!

If you do not have any grill yet I personally recommend PK Portable Charcoal Grill and Smoker Combo; its portable, versatile and offers best cooking experience in its category.

2. Heavy Duty Foil

In this recipe, you’ll be using foil and it is best if you have a heavy-duty kind since it will be hanging out in pretty high heat for a while. Using foils is not mandatory but is helpful. Find heavy duty foils on Amazon!

3. Food Thermometer

If you are into large scale roasting, grilling or barbecue in general, the last thing you would want is to rely on guess work or temperature-time charts to determine when its done.

When you’re cooking it’s vital to be aware of the temperature of the food you’re preparing, it’s one of the main indicators to know if your grub is ready!

And if you are instant read thermometers for grilling their is nothing better than Kizen Digital Meat Thermometers for Cooking in the market today; both in its quality and popularity.

4. Tongs or Heat-Resistant Gloves

You don’t want to play hot potato with these appetizing sides, be sure you have some tongs or heat-resistant gloves handy while grilling.

You’ll get a detailed list of all the ingredients you’ll need in just a jiff; don’t you worry! Now that you’ve got all your necessary gear though, let’s get to work.

How Long Will It Take To Bake Potato On The Grill?

Preparation Time
Cooking Time
Resting Time
Total Time
10 Minutes
1 Hours 05 Minutes
5 Minutes
1 Hours 20 Minutes

Do Potatoes Cook Faster Wrapped In Foil?

Contrary to popular belief they actually don’t cook faster when they’re wrapped up. If it doesn’t cook faster, then why spend all that energy wrapping each one up and extending the amount of preparation and cooking time?

Rest assured, there is a good explanation for using it in this process!

Although your cooking time won’t be cut in half the taste of your dish will excel; as we discussed earlier in this article, if you want to really amp up the game of your food it usually means it’s going to take a bit more time.

A well-prepared and delicious part of a meal takes a good amount of energy and is intentionally cooked with details in order. You and whomever you may be providing a meal for will most certainly be able to tell the difference!

Ingredients Needed To Make Grilled Potato

  • Russet Potatoes – Rather you’re grilling up just a few for lunch or you’ve got a whole dinner party planned, it’ll be worth it to throw on a few spuds.
  • Olive Oil (1/2 Tablespoon for each) – Olive oil is the superpower ingredient in this recipe, it’s going to bring out that nice crispness of the skin that makes these bad boys top-notch!
  • Salt (1/2 Teaspoon for each) – As grandma would say, just a pinch of salt will do! You don’t want to oversalt these though, they already provide quite a bit of sodium.
  • Black Pepper – Adding a dash of black pepper will bring the taste of your yummy side in a full circle, even if you’re not a huge fan of pepper you’ll be pleased you made the bold decision to add it on!

Topping Ideas (Optional)

Here are some ideas on how you can spice up your baked potato even more with some creative and, but of course, yummy toppings!

  • Butter – For those that wish to live it up in a simple way, just putting a little square of butter and letting it melt will be magnificent.
  • Sour Cream (With either chopped Green Onion or Bacon Bits) – Here’s a classic, put a dollop of sour cream right on top, and don’t stop there, you can either add a sprinkle of green onion or bacon bits!
  • Melted Cheese – You can’t really go wrong with melted cheese, lay down some cheddar!
How Long Will It Take To Bake Potato On The Grill - cooking steps

Cooking Steps

1st Step – Preheating

Allow your grill to preheat to 400 degrees, this may seem really high, but your spuds will be a-okay. While you’re waiting for things to heat up, you can multitask with the next step in this process.

2nd Step – Thoroughly Wash

Roll up those sleeves and scrub a dub those spuds, stick around after these cooking steps to know the absolute importance of this vital step!

Make sure you give them enough time to dry, you don’t want to try and cook them up wet!

3rd Step – Wrap up your Potatoes in Foil

Here’s where the handy heavy-duty material comes in; you’ll want to pull out and tear off about 18 in for each one.

Set your cleaned and dried potato in the middle of a single piece of foil, after you’ve placed it, you can grab your olive oil, salt, and black pepper.

Dribble the olive oil over the top of it, you don’t have to spread it around, and then go ahead and sprinkle the salt and then pepper right on top of the olive oil.

Once that is all done, you can wrap it on up! You don’t have to get fancy with folding it, no origami skills are needed here, just make sure your whole thing is covered by the foil and it’s not super lumpy.

4th Step – Grilling up the Potatoes

It’s finally time to put the spuds on the grate, but not just anywhere you want to place them on the indirect section; this is a part that isn’t directly over the main source of heat.

You can place them within this section and do make sure to spread them out, so they won’t be touching one another.

These will bake for a total of 1 hour and after about 30 minutes you’ll want to use your tongs or heat-resistant gloves and flip them over; this way each one is baked evenly and not to mention deliciously!

5th Step – Finishing up

Once you’ve hit the hour mark for your spuds, use your handy dandy tools to remove the foil and then place them on the directly heated section.

Allow them to bake for about 1 or 2 minutes for each side, you can eyeball this part for your own crispy preference, and then get your thermometer out.

Please be thorough and check each of your baked potatoes; you’ll want the temp for the individual ones to be in the 205-215 degrees range.

When every single one is ready to go, use your tools once again to place them on a serving plate and perhaps wait a few minutes to let them cool just a tad so you and or guests don’t burn your tongue.

6th Step – Let’s eat!

The moment you’ve been patiently waiting for, after 1 hour and 20 minutes it’s finally time to dig in!

Take a knife and cut an opening on top of everyone, releasing those sensational appetizing aromas and the fluffy contents inside.

Adding any additional salt and or black pepper to taste and but of course any of the toppings listed up above, or if you’ve thought of your own unique topping to try out!

How You Can Tell They’re Done

Your perfectly baked potato will look complete and ready to serve in your prime dinner when it is, of course as we covered in the above directions, at a temperature between 205-215 degrees, but cooking involves seeing and smelling the food as well; using all the senses.

You’ll see the spuds in a radiant golden brown, crisped (but not burnt!) as you can see specks of dark brown amongst the golden.

There appears to be almost a glaze effect over it, from the wonders of the olive oil; the skin never looked so scrumptious!

You’ll also be able to smell the aroma of what can only be described as a perfect sunny day, a mixture of that fine grill smell and the undeniable scent of a deliciously seasoned and evenly cooked potato.

If you follow all the steps within this article, you’ll most definitely get your delectable baked potatoes!

Should You Soak Them Beforehand?

Firstly, let’s speak on the importance of washing your potatoes. No matter how you’re preparing them, baking, grilling, microwaving, or if you plan to peel the skin off of it, you should always wash them; it’s a must.

There are bacteria and dirt clumped onto them and you need to thoroughly scrub them off. Secondly, it has been said that there is some benefit to soaking your potatoes (after scrubbing) before cooking them up.

By doing so, it helps them with their crispness, making it even finer, and if you soak them in cold water it also helps them to not brown up too quickly.

You’ll want to make sure that they are dry before you begin the baking process.

Enjoy your tasty meal!

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