How To Keep Mice Away From Barbecue Grills

How To Keep Mice Away From Barbecue Grills | 6 Easy Ways

Don’t we all love a great barbeque? However, maintaining a barbeque grill and keeping rodents like mice away from it, can indeed prove to be a task.

Unfortunately, barbeque grills are a safe place for mice to hide, especially during harsh winters. Additionally, the burnt leftover food on the grill attracts these rodents to the grill.

We all know how unhygienic and dangerous it can be to have mice even remotely near equipment we use for cooking. But, don’t fear, we have a few steps you can take to have a mice-free barbeque grill.

Rodents Love Your Backyard Grill

Your BBQ is the best place for a mouse to nest! If you are a barbeque lover, you are well aware of the fact that after you are done barbequing your food, the heat causes the remains of the food to be left behind on the grill.

This is the same food that is bound to attract rodents to nest in your BBQ. This food along with grease act like bait for mice and almost invites them to your BBQ.

BBQs have small crevices and holes, through which hungry mice can enter the equipment.

Once inside your BBQ, mice usually nest under the grill and make a cozy home for themselves using scraps, sticks, and other material they find around.

This is especially likely to happen during the winter, as your BBQ will act as a warm place for them. Apart from this, the BBQ also provides rodents with safety from predators.

This is because the mice find their way into the BBQ through narrow paths, which other animals may not be able to make their way through.

These are just a few reasons why rodents like mice enjoy living in your background grill and often use it as a nesting place.

How To Keep Rat’s Out of BBQ

1 ) Remove The Food Source

Getting rid of the source of food itself means winning half the battle when it comes to having a mouse-free BBQ grill. Food is the primary reason mice are attracted to the BBQ grills.

It is advisable to invest in a scraper when you go in for a BBQ. With the help of a scraper, you can easily get the burnt remains of food off the grill.

If you do not own a scraper, using cutlery with a flat surface is sure to do the job just as well.

There are also several sprays available in the market to help you clean our grill and do away with the most stubborn food particles.

If you still think the food smell hasn’t left the grill, leave it out in the open before you pack it up again.

This method will ensure your grills rodent-free, as they will not attract them with the smell of delicious food. These steps seem easy, don’t they?

Other than being easy, it is also quick to do and does not require much effort.

2 ) Use Physical Barrier To Close off Grill Access

Using a physical barrier to stop mice from getting access to your BBQ grill seems like a very easy thing to do. The first thing to do is keep your grill away from any kind of fence or wall.

This basically means you should keep your equipment away from any surface a rodent can use as a stepping stone to get into the grill.

Keeping the BBQ grill in the middle of the basement or backyard will ensure the rodents have no way to getting inside it. If you’ve owned a grill for a while, you will be well aware that there are some holes in the BBQ grill that do not heat up at the time of use.

These holes often act as entry points for rodents. The best solution for this is to cover up these holes with a wood or metal barrier, as cutting through these materials will be impossible for the rodent.

The last resort can be to store the grill inside the house, as entering the house may prove difficult for rodents, thus leaving you with a safe BBQ grill.

3 ) Maintain Cover & Store To Keep Mice Away

It is of utmost importance to cover the grill well when not in use. Always remember, mice need just a small opening to make their way into your equipment and enjoy a warm cozy stay.

To avoid this, ensure you have a BBQ grill with an attached lid. It is advisable to invest in a cover that straps on or has a buckle, as that would ensure that your grill remains secure.

If you wish no to buy a cover, you could consider making your own with materials such as metal or wood, as these are difficult for rodents to bite through.

Now speaking of storage, it is risky to leave your BBQ grill out in the backyard even when not in use. This makes it easier for rodents, as compared to storing it in a garage or inside the house itself.

This does not mean that rodents cannot enter these spaces, but as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure even when you want to keep mice away from barbecue grills.

4 ) Using Natural & Commercial Mouse Repellents

One of the most well-known natural mouse repellants is peppermint oil. It is said that dabbing some oil on cotton and placing it near BBQ grill is sure to keep mice and other kinds of rodents away too.

Keeping cloves and peppercorns in rodent-prone areas is also a great trick to have under your sleeve. Alternatively, if natural remedies seem to be failing, commercial mouse repellents are sure to do the trick.

In the past, people gravitated towards using poison and rat traps to get rid of rodents, but peoples’ views are gradually changing and they are slowly moving away for the same.

The rodent repellents available contain chemicals that use the sense of smell and taste to keep mice away. While it’s not the best way to go but it works on many levels.

It is advisable to keep the repellant as humane as possible, considering that rodents are living beings too. There are a number of repellants like these in the market that you could avail of for the same.

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5 ) Traps and Ultrasonic Pest Control

Mousetraps are some of the most traditional rodent traps out there. If you’ve watched Tom and Jerry, you have definitely seen one. These traps are called snap traps and they are often kept at areas that are prone to mice, with a piece of food to entice the rodent into drawing nearer.

There are also glue traps available today that have an adhesive that captures a mouse and renders it immobile ( The most Humane way to keep mice away from grills ).

There are also ultrasonic pest control options available and the word ultrasonic itself gives us all the information we need to know.

This form of repellant emits a high-pitched sound that is beyond what human beings can hear. This sound gives rodents a fright and scares them away.

Some gadgets give out sounds with varying levels of frequency, thus leaving the rodents startled.

There are also some forms of ultrasonic pest control that emit a sound that replicates that of a dominant male rodent, thus keeping mice away at all times due to fear.

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6 ) Use All Five methods To Keep Mice Away

Having rodents in your BBQ grill is not an easy obstacle to overcome, but with the five methods mentioned above, you’re all set to wave the rodents goodbye.

Using these five methods in unison with each other is sure to give you effective results. The plus point of each of these methods is that they are neither time-consuming nor heavy on the pocket.

Keeping your grill clean, maintaining it, and physically keeping it away from rodents with the help of barriers is sure to take you a long way.

Additionally, you can also use repellants, natural or commercial, and also mouse traps that will definitely help your BBQ grill be rodent-free in no time.

Related Questions

What are the dangers of Mice nests in BBQs?

We all know that having rodents like mice nesting in something used for cooking can be a serious health hazard. The remains and feces of mice are highly dangerous and full of bacteria.

When near a place of cooking, the area can be seriously contaminated and lead to allergic reactions and diseases. At times, these diseases can also spread through the air and cause life-threatening illnesses among humans in extreme cases.

Coming in contact with any form of mice remains can lead to diseases like Hantavirus, which is deadly enough to claim lives. Its symptoms include fatigue and fever.

If mice droppings happen to enter the food you prepare, Salmonellosis or food poisoning could set in.

The most dangerous part of being infected by these diseases is that the symptoms that accompany them seem like any common illness, or just tiredness.

How To Clean And Sanitize Grill After Mice?

After you have had mice in your grill, sanitization is an absolute must. This may seem like a tedious job, but must be done to disinfect your grill.

The first step is rather easy, and it involves dismantling the grill, so you have access to every nook and corner that required cleaning.

Once you have done this, with a flat instrument, remove any particles of food or mice droppings left behind. Now, with a water hose or a pipe, spray the grill to ensure all the scraps you have scrapped off leave the grill.

Your source of water must have high pressure, so stubborn remains can be gotten rid of. You can now spray a degreaser on the grill and leave it on for a while before you scrub the grill and wipe it down.

As a precautionary measure, you can also use a mixture of water and vinegar to wash the grill, to ensure that your grill is all set to be fired up. That is why you better keep mice away than clean & sanitize.

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How To Stop Rodents from Coming back Through Vents?

After you have gotten rid of rodents, you definitely wouldn’t want to go through the entire process all over again. So, in order to stop rodents from reentering your house or garage through vents, there are a few simple steps you should follow.

The first one is to regularly clean your vents. Following this exercise for a minimum of once a year is sure to make a huge difference.

Another practice you could follow is cleaning up everything that could attract rodents. For example, never keep leftover food left unattended and always get rid of stagnant water.

You could also block the entry point for rodents with a wire mesh. You can also use materials like steel wool to block these openings, as rodents find it difficult to make their way through them.

Wrapping it Up

No one likes an unexpected and uninvited guest, and that’s exactly what rodents are when they enter your BBQ grill to nest.

Now that you know exactly why the rodents are making their way to your grill, how to deal with the issue effectively, and avoid history repeating itself, what’s left to be done?

You are now a pro and are well-equipped with the knowledge to handle the situation effectively. All you have to do now is gear up and get set to bid the rodents farewell!

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