Best Gas Grills Under $500 | Review & Comparison

Best Gas Grills Under $500 in 2022 | Review & Comparison

Gas grills are highly convenient and easy to use. They help you to quickly prepare the food within a few minutes and are a clear winner in a highly competitive stream with charcoal and wood-fired grills.

With a lot of options available in the market; selecting the best gas grill without breaking the banks is a hard option. That’s why I’m here to guide you with hand-picked best gas grills under $500 in 2021.

Every price and proposal is updated according to the current scenario.

The review and comparisons are based on size, BTU, and other features like electronic ignition, heavy-duty wheels, foldable side shelves, even heating across the surface, and so on.

Let’s dive right into it to find out the perfect gas grill for you!

Best Gas Grills Under 500 – Comparison Table

Product Name
( Sq. in. )
Cooking Power
( BTU )
Amazon Link
Camp Chef Flat Top True Seasoned Gas Grill
Blackstone Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill
Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill
Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill
Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
MASTER COOK 3 Burner Propane Gas Grill
Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grills

7 Best Gas Grills Under $500 Barbecue

Camp Chef Flat Top True Seasoned Gas Grills

1 ) Camp Chef Flat Top True Seasoned Gas Grill

The Camp Chef Grill is designed to take your cooking experience to a completely different level. It saves a plethora of room for work and in this way, you can take time for efficient cooking.

Its large cooking surface allows you to multitask by cooking several cuisines at the same time. It consists of a flat top grill that is perfectly finished with a non-sticking surface area.

The ignition system is incomparable and it has two large shelves at the sides that are foldable.

You will never need to worry about cleaning up since the grease management system is sufficient enough to collect the drippings effectively.

With an overall dimension of 62.5” 37” x 22”, it’s heavy-duty and versatile. Following up the tank holder of propane gas is efficiently designed and completely adjustable.

Blackstone Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill

2 ) Blackstone Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill

Blackstoreo Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill is very easy to use with simplified assembly. Your cooking time will become almost negligible since it provides you with an awesome cooking expertise.

Forget the hectic moments with charcoal and matches, the gas grill is big enough to handle your larger parties and family gathering. You can cook for it all at once.

The Blackstoreo Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill has a push button ignition system that is powered by a battery. It has a super easy start and reduces the headache of outdoor cooking.

You can really invest more time being with your family instead of cooking all the time.

Heading to its breathtaking features, its cooking area is quite big. There are four burners with the highest adjustability. It allows you to use not more than two burners when it comes to cooking for a person.

The heat zones are also adjustable. It offers you a versatile surface which encourages more number of items cooked at once. One more significant perk is that you have decent space to keep some of the foods warm along with cooking other food.

Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

3 ) Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber Q 3200 Liquid Propane Grill is a restyled and improved version of Weber Q 320. It holds value by showing high performance and inspiring styling.

With some amazing add-ons like modified aesthetics equipped with complete functionality that allow you to enjoy the cooking process, modern grip handles are larger than ever with control knobs, the side handles are also highly user-friendly.

Be assured of the improved version of rigidity that comes with Weber Q 3200 Liquid Propane Grill. The side table can be folded down that is large enough.

It is a full-size gas grill that suits all the places, be it your home or any other outer place. The split grates will help to make an elegant combo of grate and griddle.

The grilling surface and the rack areas for warming the food have an area of 464 square inches.

A quick glance through features follows the lid and body made up of cast aluminum. There is an electronic ignition system and you will have a matchless control on burner values.

Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grills

4 ) Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill

The Megamaster Propane Gas grill has 10,000 BTU. There are five burners and all are stainless steel burners that give the cooking surface equal to 656 square inches.

It has impeccable heat transfer and heat retention capability and it serves the purpose of heating the food uniformly. How does it happen?

The flame tames with porcelain enamel safeguard the burners and thus contribute to even heat spreading across all the cooking areas that help in getting an amazing taste.

While making your favorite dishes, you are ought to need a lot of items that should be kept at a handy distance. The Megamaster 5-burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill has something oversized as 13.5 inches.

That’s the size of side shelves. You can store all the supplies and make your masterpiece.

It is easy to assemble and quite easy to clean. It is completely worth every buck. There are two wheels with cart-style that fit for heavy-duty gas grills.

It offers matchless control over the temperature and by reading the gauge you can decide whether your food is cooking according to your preference or not.

5 ) Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Ever puzzled between best value and cost-effectiveness? Here’s the perfect solution. Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is committed to adding awesome flavor to your masterpiece.

It is perfect for a family get-together and can amazingly handle a small crowd at your house party. You won’t need any extra hand since the side tables are always there for you.

You can place all the needed supplies and also the serving trays. The Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill perfectly follows the definition of more is done than said.

The grill size is up to mark and thus preparing a couple of burgers and making a chicken and steaks would favor the whole one-time family meal.

As said before, the side tables allow you to place the spices and other necessary requirements while cooking, the Weber Spirit E-310 Gas Grill has almost all the good qualities to be your choice.

It has an electronic crossover ignition system and a built-in thermometer ( one of the best among gas grills ). The grill cabinet and fuel gauge serve their purpose efficiently.

MASTER COOK 3 Burner Propane Gas Grills

6 ) MASTER COOK 3 Burner Propane Gas Grill

The MASTER COOK 3 Burner Propane Gas Grill has an awesome cart design that allows the users to pack all the requirements and species in one time before starting to cook.

There are two table shelves that are completely foldable on both sides of the gas grill. It is an easy and convenient grill by reserving a decent space for plates and other cooking equipment.

Whenever you need to store it in a small space, just fold the side shelves and it is ready to store.

It is easy to clean and has high durability. The beauty of metal glass having a silvery upper surface is impeccable. The best-quality stainless steel makes the control panel.

The dolly outlook is completed with two wheels that are large enough to procure a simplified move so that you can go at any place by moving the gas grill within your patio.

The built-in thermometer serves its purpose by showing accurate results while roasting chicken and also the turkey. With 30,000 BTU, the three-burner gas grill is really a master cook.

It is completely practical and helps you to multitask with surmountable flexibility.

7 ) Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grills

The beast of all time, Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grills has the primary cooking surface equivalent to 500 square inches. It is resistant to rust because of porcelain-coated cast-iron grates.

Comparing the cooking space with real life, then it can store almost 30 burgers at one time.

The cooking grate is designed with TRU-infrared technology that allows the heat to spread evenly across the top surface and thus gives an awesome grilling experience.

The electronic ignition system starts with the push of a button which implies how easy and convince-worthy the startups are. You will never face any flare-up.

It is because the TRU-Infrared technology creates a barrier between the flame and the food and thus, in the end, you get the most flavored and awesome meal on every cook.

Also, there’s one more plus point with this technology. There won’t be any hot or cold spots in any situation. You can easily monitor the heat by using the lid-mounted temperature gauge.

It will help you in getting more control over the heat. With awesome construction and easy mobility, the Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Gas Grills is a perfect choice.

How To Choose Best Gas Grills Under $500

We all aim to get the best value for money. $500 is a significant amount. Therefore, here’s a mini-guide on what to look for while buying a gas grill under $500:

1. British Thermal Unit (BTU): BTU is the measurement heat required to raise the temperature of a single pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. It is the measure of the amount of heat that the grill can form to properly cook the meal. A higher temperature range is preferred for it.

2. Grill Size: The surface area of the grill must be enough to suffice your cooking requirements. The measuring unit is square inches and the decent size of these gas grills should be about 450-500 square inches for managing a family gathering.

The minimum requirement is having two burners with the top surface area easy to clean and maintain.

3. Starter and Grate: When you are excited to cook and the grill is not starting, that feeling is not at all good. Try to go for a gas grill that gives automatic electronic ignition and a quick start-up.

You can also choose a removable upper cooking grate that is really helpful for the indirect cooking of veggies and larger parts of the meal.

4. Cart Design With Heavy-duty Wheels: If you prefer to relocate your grill most of the time then having a cart design with heavy-duty wheels is a must.

These are the most neglected parts but trust me while making the purchase, if your preference is moving outside for a family get-together for a small weekend party, then having them counts on your side.

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Image Credit: Lars Plougmann | License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many years should a gas grill last?

Most gas grills can easily last for 5 to 15 years depending on the build quality. It was found in a study that an average American will throw the grill after at least three years of use.

On the other hand, we can make the grills last longer up to 15 years.

Instead of replacing the grill very soon, ask yourself, “Can we make it work a little longer?”. And the answer is yes in most cases.

By taking care of your grill and maintaining it up to its optimum life is within your control.

Q.2 Which is better propane or natural gas grill?

A propane gas grill is better than a natural gas grill. This difference is because of an obvious reason. The propane gas grill requires a propane tank filled with propane gas.

It has an enormous amount of power and its heating takes no time. And therefore, it helps in an efficient and sophisticated grilling process.

On the other hand, the natural gas grill is connected to the gas line of the home. It is eco-friendly fuel and is very good for cooking. But, it loses the competition with propane gas because of its effectiveness.

Q.3 How far should a gas grill be from your house?

It is recommended to have at least 3 feet of distance between the gas grill and your house. Even, it applies to all types of grills.

Basically, the grills need 2 feet of distance on both sides so that there is enough space for the smoke to vanish. By saying it, ventilation is the heart of placing the grills. There must be enough space for it.

Note that it must never be placed in any area where the combustible construction is going on. A clear and open space with not even a single branch is most suitable.

Q.4 Which type of Grill is Easier To Clean & Maintain?

Be it a charcoal or gas grill, both require proper cleaning. But, having a gas grill and taking away several tons of load from your head.

The interesting part is that cleaning a gas grill can be fun with the right techniques and procedures. Precisely saying, the gas grills have proved their efficacy from time to time.

Gas grills are not only easy to use but also easy to clean and maintain. It has been shown in various instances and you can feel it by using it on your own.

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