Are Smokeless Grills Healthy? Find Out Here!

As the summer is here, one of the most popular topics is the barbecue party. If you are getting ready for having a barbecue grilling party, then you can consider smokeless grill as it is considered as a healthy alternative.

Is it really healthy? Are smokeless grills healthier than traditional grills? We are here to discuss about it here in this article. The answer depends on how often you use your grill and whether you cook meat or vegetables.

When it comes to grilling indoors, smokeless grilling can be the best option to consider. Can these grills offer you the authentic taste of barbecue? You are not alone as there are many people who have these same queries.

To know all the answers of your queries related to the smokeless grilling experience, read on.

The Health Benefits of Smokeless Grills.

The smokeless grills are a modern appliance that uses a non-stick surface for grilling the foods. These grills are mainly powered by electricity.

These grilling appliances can eliminate the smoke so that you can grill the foods indoor. It doesn’t produce any smoke as it uses the cutting-edge infrared technology.

But is it healthier than the other popular options available in the market like gas grills and charcoal grills?

Smokeless grills are an alternative to traditional grills because they do not emit harmful chemicals into the air. They also reduce the need for cleaning up after cooking.

However, there are some downsides to using them. First, they tend to cost more than traditional grills. Second, they require regular maintenance.

Third, they are not as efficient as charcoal grill in adding additional flavor to cooked food.

Less Smoke Means Better Cooking

The smoke coming out the grills can be harmful for the breathing air around you.

When you are exposed to the smoke coming out from pellet, charcoal, wood or gas, it can cause breathing trouble, asthma and other respiratory issues.

So, when you are talking about a grill that can do the same job as a conventional grill without producing smoke, it can be healthier.

The smokeless grills come with some inbuilt fans that can easily remove the smoke while you are cooking.

So, this can easily reduce or remove the smoke coming out from the grill into the air. Less or no smoke means better and healthier surroundings, especially when you are using the grill indoor.

Is Grilling Indoor a Healthy Option?

Indoor grilling is not possible if you choose charcoal, wood or gas grills. These can produce smoke which is not healthy for the indoor air. Hence, you will need smokeless grill while you are grilling indoor.

So, it is safe to say indoor grilling is a healthier option to consider in comparison to other traditional grilling methods. It can offer better health benefits than that of the outdoor grilling methods.

The gas coming out of the conventional grilling appliances can be harmful and it can easily contaminate the food too.

If you compare the smokeless electric grill along with the charcoal grills, the former one can prevent the excess amount of carbon from contaminating the foods that you are grilling.

Also, you can use lesser amount of oil that actually goes into the food that you are preparing.

How Does The Smokeless Grill Work?
Image Credit: Samer Farha | CC BY 2.0

How Does The Smokeless Grill Work?

Now that you know how healthy the smokeless grills are, you must know how they actually work. The first and foremost question that pops up in everyone’s mind is – how do the smokeless grills remove the smoke?

The answer is quite straight and simple. The modern and innovative technology that is used in these smokeless grills for keeping the smoke away is – infrared burners and the smoke extractor.

This doesn’t mean that the smokeless grill doesn’t produce smoke at all. They do, but the amount is not enough for causing any discomfort for the people in the room or to trigger the fire or smoke alarm.

The extractor hood and the fan present in the grill can easily absorb the smoke that the grill produces.

Infrared burner technology:

The powerful infrared burner can heat up the grilling tray as well as the foods on it. The infrared technology can easily convert the electrical energy into heat. Hence, there is no need for combustion of any fuel here.

Smoke extractor:

Along with the infrared technology, another feature that helps to give a smokeless grilling experience is a smoke extractor. This smoke hood or extractor comes with a turbo speed extraction technology and a fan.

Even the structure of these grills are made in such a way with the drip tray design, it helps in reducing the total amount of oil that you need to burn the grill.

Hence, it doesn’t produce too much of smoke and the extractor can take care of it thoroughly.

Glass cover:

Some of the grills also come with a glass cover made up of sturdy and durable glass lid. This can help the temperature of the grill to increase effectively.

This glass cover can also prevent the smoke from escaping the grill into the environment.

Which Type of Grill Is Best For You?

If you are looking for a grill that will last for years without needing much maintenance, then a traditional charcoal grill is probably what you should go with.

These grills use wood chips to produce heat, which means they are very easy to clean. They also work well for searing meats and vegetables.

On the other hand, if you prefer a grill that requires less upkeep, then a gas grill might be better suited for you. Gas grills are easier to maintain than charcoal grills, and they are generally more efficient at producing heat.

While people who prefer health, ease of use, indoor use above others tends to like electric grill. Not just they are smoke less but also getting better at grilling ( as close to charcoal grill without the smoke).

Is Smokeless Grill Effective?

If you are wondering if the smokeless grills are effective or not, then you are at the right place. Yes, thanks to the latest and most innovative infrared heating technology, these grills produce less to no smoke at all when cooking.

Moreover, they help cooking quite quickly as well as evenly. There are many advantages of using a smokeless grill. These are:

Indoor grilling

You don’t have to wait for a perfect weather or climate in order to host a barbecue party or to cook some tasty grilled foods at home. You can get it done anytime you want.

As these grills don’t usually produce any smoke, you can grill the veggies and meats indoor. It is safe to use as well as quite healthy too.

Perfectly cooked foods

As much as these grills are healthier in nature, the infrared heating technology can help you to cook the foods much quickly and easily. The heat is distributed evenly on the tray for the food to get evenly and perfectly cooked.

You can also adjust the temperature according to your needs in the smokeless grill. Thus, you can get the perfect texture and flavor that you want in your food.

Less oil required

One of the reasons why smokeless grills are getting a lot of popularity, these days, is because of the healthy nature.

As it requires lesser amount of oil, the foods are much healthier and better than other conventional ways of cooking. Hence, you are also consuming lesser fats or oils when you are eating the grilled foods.

Save your time

Another advantage of using this grill is that it can save a lot of time. With the help of the infrared burner, you can cook the foods much more quickly and easily.

It takes about one minute to completely heat the cooking tray. Hence, your food can cook way faster than the other types of grills available in the market.

No harmful gas or smoke

The most important reason why smokeless grills are so effective and beneficial is because there will be no smoke or gas while preparing the food.

You can easily get rid of the harmful gasses that can contaminate your food. Even the smoke can be harmful for people causing several respiratory issues. As these grills don’t produce smoke or gas, they are healthy.

Are smokeless grills worth buying?

Are smokeless grills worth buying?

If you love BBQ parties and want to host one without worrying about the climatic conditions or weather, then having a smokeless grill can be a great option.

Also, having one such grill at home can be quite helpful for you to quickly grill some veggies or meat anytime you want. This also means, you can enjoy grilled foods throughout the year.

There are different types and sizes available when it comes to smokeless electric grills.

You can choose one based on your requirements or preferences. While some are available in bigger sizes, some are available in portable sizes that you can easily store in the kitchen cabinets.

Whether you want to grill some steaks, ribs, veggies, salmon or anything, these smokeless grills can help you in cooking them for you.

Compared to the gas grills or charcoal grills, these smokeless grills are way safer and healthier in nature. Smokeless grills use electricity making it much more convenient and safer for you to use.

You neither have to deal with coals, charcoal and fire nor do you have to deal with the smoke.

Final Verdict

A lot of people will say that grilling foods without charcoal cannot offer you the taste or flavor that you want. But that is not true. Nowadays, the technology has improved and you can get the exact texture, juiciness and flavor that you want even in the electric grills.

Actually, the smokeless electric grill has made it way too convenient for people to control everything. You can control the temperature in order to get the right amount of crispiness, perfect texture that you want and flavor.

Hence, if you were in a dilemma about whether or not to choose a smokeless electric grill, then you must have got the answer.

With the help of the smokeless grill, you can enjoy the grilled meats and veggies just like the way you want it. Moreover, you can enjoy the grilled foods in a much healthier and safer way.

As you have read above, it requires less amount of oil making the food much healthier than ever.

Also, there will be no smoke which make it easier for you to grill the foods indoor without the risk of triggering the fire alarm or making others sick.

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