Are Broil King Grills Any Good? Know This Before Buying!

Are Broil King Grills Any Good? Know This Before Buying!

Broil King grills have been a household name since 1986, when they were first introduced on the market for consumer purchase. Broil King is an established brand with reputation for being reliable and well made.

When it comes to propane grills it comes among the top three names on the market. They are an excellent addition to any backyard get-together with a strong build, high-quality parts, and an excellent value for the money.

Extended warranties, a trustworthy brand, lifelong grilling fans, and an all-level approved cooking surface help keep the Broil King name at the top of the list for gas grills.

What Is the Broil King Reputation Today?

Today, just as in years before, Broil King has a solid reputation for manufacturing many well-made and reliable products. The heavy gauge stainless steel used on many grills ensures a stable and durable frame that also provides excellent heat retention for year-round grilling if the weather allows.

The number of burners each grill has and the BTU output work together to create a consistent and even heat for equally distributed cooking that takes less time to warm up than other grills.

The ten-year, limited lifetime warranty that Broil King Grills come with is a great selling point for individuals stuck on the fence about spending more money for a Broil King rather than a cheaper, lesser-known brand name.

However, it is imperative to know that the ten-year warranty has different time limitations for other grill parts.

The cooking chamber and burners are covered for ten years, while the Flav-R-Wave cooking system and stainless-steel grates are only covered for five years.

All the other parts and paint are covered for two years. It is not uncommon for a grill warranty to be divided among parts and pieces. Still, the length of warranty time varies widely among manufactures, with Broil King on the upper end of comprehensive coverage.

Positive product reviews also help distinguish Broil King as a reputable brand.

Numerous reviews praise the company and brand for offering high-quality grills and accessories, friendly customer service, prices reflecting product value, and over-exceeding the expected item lifespan.

Broil King Company History

In 1906, Onward Manufacturing was established as a Canadian-owned manufacturing company in Waterloo. In 1986, Broil King was founded as part of Onward and quickly earned its ranking as a top brand gas grill.

By 1999, Cadco Manufacturing, a high-quality food service equipment manufacturer, bought the Broil King brand as a subsidiary.

Being part of Cadco brought many good things to Broil King, including an expanded range of grilling products.

Sterling and Broil Mate were soon available on the market as part of the parent brand, and sales continued rising across the board. Today, Broil King is still going strong in its fourth decade of operations.

Maintaining manufacturing rights for the gas grills, the Onward Manufacturing Company oversees the production line for current and future models.

Onward is headquartered out of Waterloo, Ontario, and has manufacturing plants in Huntington, Indiana, and Dickson, Tennessee.

All Broil King grills are produced in North America at one of the three Onward plants.

The Waterloo manufacturing plant is responsible for making the Sovereign, Signet, Monarch, European Baron, and Gem models and small to mid-size Sterling and Broil Mate models.

Dickson Tennessee specializes in the Broil King Crown and Baron models. Huntington, Indiana, manufactures the Broil King Imperial, Regal, and Baron models.

Why Are Broil King Grills So Popular?

Initially founded and established in Canada, the Broil King name is prevalent north of the United States.

Known for the colder temperatures that occur in the Canadian regions, it was only necessary for a company to design and produce a gas grill that could withstand the fluctuating weather paired with the human desire to grill year-round when possible.

Broil King’s Canadian popularity did not take long to reach the states south of the border. Still gaining more popularity today, the company’s reputation and production needs have not lost any steam or momentum.

Made with premium quality products, easy to maintain, having great product longevity, and a variety of products has kept Cadco and Onward very busy.

Premium Quality

Most of the gill components used in the Broil King models are fabricated with steel from North America and put together in either Canada, Indiana, or Tennessee.

Very few pieces are globally sourced, but it is essential to outsource to maintain product durability and functionality due to lack of availability in North America.

Sticking with mainly North American materials and using one of three manufacturing plants, the company is able to have more control over their grill lines and truly provide a high-quality product to each consumer.

The steel used to produce each grill is also of the highest quality.

Built to last, every piece of the grill from the burners, grates, cook box, lid, handles, and knobs are constructed with precise details that work together for a hassle-free experience every time.

Grilling is a way to try unique-flavored food in the best way possible. Broil King grills are excellent providers of premium quality products to help you discover your next favorite meal.

Easy To Maintain

The grills are rather easy to maintain for being such a robust machine. It is always best to look up product and brand recommendations first, but most Broil King grills have listed grate seasoning as the first step after purchasing a new grill.

If you are familiar with cast iron pots and pans, grate seasoning follows a similar process.

Start by using cooking oil such as avocado or canola to lightly season the grate, followed by a 30-minute warm-up session on medium-low heat.

After grilling, always perform a burn-off method to remove leftover food debris. Once you are done cooking, close the lid, and turn the heat up to high for about ten minutes.

Turn off the grill and let the cooking grates cool slightly before scraping off the remains with a stiff nylon brush or a stainless-steel brush.

When necessary, remove the grates from the cooking chamber and wash with a mild soap and water mixture.

Once cleaned and rinsed, pat the grates dry, return them to the cooking chamber, and season them the same way you did when you first purchased the grill.

The grill’s exterior can be wiped down with the soap and water mixture, rinsed, and dried. Stainless steel sprays and cleaners work well too. This is also a good time to check for potential damage, cracks, or excessive build-up on or near the burners, hoses, and connectors.

Product Longevity

The better a grill is cared for, the longer it will last. However, Broil King grills have been designed to be reliable, durable, and functional for many years.

As mentioned earlier, these grills are meant to outlast the product warranties that range from 3 to 10 years.

To recap, the burners and the cook box are covered for ten years, the Flav-R-Wave cooking system and grates are under warranty coverage for five years, and all other parts, including the paint, are covered for two years.

Proper grill storage will also extend the lifespan of your grill. While year-round grilling is doable, winter storage will protect the grill components from harsh weather and unexpected damage.

First, do a deep clean inside and out to store your grill. Check for any current or potential damage, cracks, or blockage. If something needs to be fixed or replaced, this is the time to do it.

Disconnect all the hoses and gas lines, sealing the end of each one to keep insects from entering. Season the grates and wrap in plastic food wrap after completely cooling.

Cover any spot of the grill where small animals or rodents could enter.

Once everything is cleaned and sealed, cover the grill with a durable all-weather cover. Place the covered grill in a safe location, preferably with some shelter, until it is ready to be used again.

Broil King Product Range
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Broil King Product Range

There are eight models Broil King specializes in: Baron, Monarch, Gem, Signet, Porta-Chef, Regal, Sovereign, and Imperial.

Basic Models: Four models make up the Basic Collection, Baron, Signet, Gem, and Monarch. Basic models are more budget-friendly and come with a simplified version of the cooking system.

They may be smaller than other models and have fewer burners, but they are still a high-quality product and will maintain the heat while cooking for an evenly cooked dish.

High-End Models: Three high-end models include Sovereign, Regal, and Imperial at the top.

High-end models will be more expensive than the basic models, but they also provide a larger cooking surface with more cook box burners and side burners.

Sovereign models have settings for sear, roast, and slow cooking. Some models come with a rotisserie.

Regal models come with built-in connections for propane and natural gas cooking options.

There are also two versions in the Regal series that use charcoal and pellets for either grilling or smoking with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Imperial models are the top-of-the-line Broil King grills and come with everything the Regal and Sovereign models have and reversible grates, lit-up control knobs, and interior lights.

Portable Models: The Porta-Chef is a portable grill with one to two burners. The small size of this model makes it great for camping, tailgating, or small meals.

How Much Does A Broil King Grill Cost?

The cost range is quite significant from low to high for the various models of grills. Porta-Chef grills start around $180. Grills in the Basic Collection begin close to $300 and can be as high as $1200.

High-end grills such as the Sovereign can be between $850 to $1200, while the Regal starts lower at $500 but can be upwards of $2300 on the high side.

The Regal models used as grills and smokers are $800 to $1700, and the top-of-the-line Imperial models are $1800 to $2500.

Is Broil King Worth Your Money?

Weber is Broil King’s most significant competitor and right at the top of the popularity list for outdoor grills.

In comparison, both names offer exceptional grills that have perfected the grilling process, making it easy for beginners up to professionals.

The mechanics, sizes, weights, and accessories for each model are comparable, dependable, and wanted by grilling fanatics. From a budget standpoint, Weber grills are within the same price range as Broil King, but individual grill features may differ when cross-evaluating.

Overall, Broil King grills are worth the cost if you find a model with everything you want and need for a superior grilling experience.

Top 4 Broil King Grills Reviewed

Broil King Signet 320

The Signet 320 is from the Basic Collection, but it does not let down. This grill has three stainless-steel gas burners and 40,000 BTUs.

It does not take long to warm up, and by using the Flav-R-Wave cooking system, heat is evenly distributed for a mouthwatering meal.

The Flav-R-Wave cooking system catches any drippings during the cooking process and adds extra flavor to your meat of choice by steaming the juices back up into the main course.

The option for slow cooking takes on a whole new level for traditional grilling. Mechanically and aesthetically, this grill delivers.

Weighing 134 pounds, providing 635 square inches of cooking surface, reversible grates, and stainless-steel shelving, there is no way to go wrong with the Signet 320.

Broil King Signet 320: Check Its Price on Amazon | Buy Direct on

Broil King Baron 440

The Baron 440 is another model from the Basic Collection, but it holds its ground very well. Like the Signet 320, the Baron 440 has 40,000 BTUs in the main cooking chamber and 10,000 BTUs on the side burner.

The Baron uses tube burners instead of triangular and comes in three, four, or five-burner models. Each burner has two flames, making warming up time a thing of the past.

In total, the Baron 440 has 644 square inches for cooking and uses the Flav-R-Wave cooking system known from the Broil King brand.

This grill uses reversible cooking grates, comes with foldable stainless-steel side shelves, and is available in a sleek black design or a stainless-steel finish.

Broil King Baron 440: Check Its Price on Amazon | Buy Direct on

Broil King Sovereign XLS90

The Sovereign models are included in the higher-end collection of Broil King grills. The XLS90 is larger than basic models and weighs 196 pounds.

The cooking surface of the XLS90 is almost double the basic models, showing off at 1,000 square inches.

Four main tube burners produce 50,000 BTUs, and one side burner is perfect for vegetables or other side dishes with 10,000 BTUs. A removable rotisserie is included with the grill.

With the Sovereign model, the Flav-R-Wave cooking system provides a two-zone cooking system that can be created by setting different temperatures for grouped burners within the cooking chamber.

Creating a two-zone grilling surface is beneficial when cooking two types of meat or for guests who have different cooked preferences.

The additional external features of the XLS90 work well for holding grilling utensils, saving space, and creating less of a mess to be cleaned up later. The stainless-steel finish is nice to look at also.

Broil King Sovereign XLS90: Check Its Price on Amazon | Buy Direct on

Broil King Regal S590

The Regal S590 model can appear intimidating at first, but it is easy to see and taste why it is part of the high-end collection once you get started.

The S590 has 625 square inches of primary cooking space and 55,000 BTUs from five burners. On top of that, there is a side burner with 10,000 BTUs and a rotisserie with 15,000 BTUs.

If you have a large family or like to host grilling get-togethers, this is the grill for you. The Flav-R-Wave cooking system provides consistent and even heat throughout the entire grilling process.

The aerodynamic design, stainless-steel finish, and knob detail will make even the beginner griller feel and look like a pro.

With so many accessories and add-on options available, it can feel like buying a house, but in a good way, when you decide on the Regal S590.

Broil King Regal S590: Check Its Price on Amazon | Buy Direct on

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